Appendix E – SQL Web Sites


You are reading a digital copy of SQL-99 Complete, Really, a book that documents the SQL-99 standard.

The book and the standard does not reflect the features of CrateDB, we are just publishing it as a service for the community and for reference purposes.

On the one hand, CrateDB does not implement the SQL-99 standard thoroughly, on the other hand, it extends the standard for implementing cluster features and others.

For more information specific to CrateDB, check out the CrateDB Reference documentation.

You will get millions of hits if you submit the keyword SQL to any Internet search engine. You will get only 12 hits from this list. But they all have one interesting common feature: FREE STUFF. Our list of SQL web sites includes:

  • Private companies which produce SQL databases or SQL-related programs, and which allow downloads of real working programs.

  • Both government and private bodies which produce SQL-related standards.

  • Sites which offer timely and real SQL news.

Our selection is primarily of English-speaking sites. As URLs change, and as new sites match our criteria, we will update a copy of this list at our own web site:

So probably your best way to keep up-to-date is to add our web site to your favourite places, and click links from there.

Here’s the list:

  • Beagle SQL (dead)
    Strictly a work in progress. Linux oriented.
  • Gnu SQL (dead)
    Alpha. The usual gnu software license.
  • Intelligent Enterprise Journal (dead)
    An online regular database magazine.
  • ISO (dead)
    This is the archive site for ISO standards committee minutes and memoranda.
  • Microsoft
    You can get the ODBC manual from here, as a .hlp file.
  • miniSQL
    A Unix-oriented SQL-89 implementation.
  • NIST (dead)
    A large group of SQL conformance tests (C source code). Somewhat dated.
  • MySQL
    Another Unix-oriented SQL-89 implementation.
  • Ocelot (dead)
    Any errata for this book, plus updated copy of this list, plus downloads.
  • Oracle
    Apparently you can download 30-day free trials (we didn’t try).
  • PostreSQL
    One of the few “free” SQL implementations that supports UDTs.
  • Sun
    Get a copy of the test suite for the JDBC here.
  • Unicode
    Look for “code charts”.
  • Yard (dead)
    “Yard SQL” is free for educational institutions.